About the Characters

As this is a serial blog and readers may be visiting for the first time in the middle of the story, I thought having a playbill with the main characters identified (and explained) might help orient you. I will add to this list as the story unfolds and new characters make their stage entrance. Links by each character’s name guide you to the posts where they appear.

Blue – my therapist, who triggered much of this exploration. See him in action in these chapterlets – Calamity, Running Saigon, Alien, Passing, Bridge, Carpenter, Vault, Call, Blind Sight, Michaela.  And he takes a star turn in Tango.

Bo – my father. He appears in Beginning,  Running Saigon, Day, Night, Week, Month, Alien, Thay Giao, Blind Sight, Cook.

An and Chuong – my older brothers. They appear in Running Saigon, Cook, and more to come.

Dan and Faye Ross – Dan was my father’s roommate at the University of Pennsylvania in the early 1960’s when Dan was a law student there and my father was on fellowship from Vietnam. Dan was later posted to the U.S. Consulate in Saigon during the war, but returned to Philadelphia before the war ended. His family sponsored ours when we fled Saigon and came to the U.S. in 1975. Faye is Dan’s wife and the adult who anchored my day to day life our first year in the U.S. It was Faye who took care of me after school. The Rosses remain very dear family friends. They appear in the post Day, Night, Week, Month, Cook.

David – my husband and best friend. He appears in Boy Clock, Blind SightMichaela, and chapterlets to come.

Me (Mệ in Vietnamese) – my mother. She appears in Running Saigon, Day, Night, Week, Month, Alien, Kitchen, Boy, Blind Sight, Cook.

Michael – my first and longest-lived “imaginary friend,” who first appeared when I was eight or nine years old. He appears in these posts: Michael, Contact, Talking Cure, House, Precious, Vault, Michaela, and more to come.

Rich – A friend of Michael’s parents and Michael’s godfather, who comes to Eastern Europe a year after their death to rescue Michael from his uncle’s house and bring him to America. He appears in House, Talking Cure, Contact.

Ba Ngoai – my maternal grandmother. Her name was Le Thi Canh. She appears in Day, Night, Week, MonthBa Ngoai, Boy, Clock, and future posts about my ancestors’ extraordinary journeys.

Tuan – my younger brother

Carpenter – A high school math teacher who befriended me. He appears in Carpenter, Memorial, Call.

Seven – the first of my Little Girls to appear in upcoming posts.

Four – the most excitable of the Little Girls

Baby – the most contented of the Little Girls

Teen – the saddest of the Little Girls

Eight – the most troubled of the Little Girls


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