New Year’s Resolution

Last night, we squeezed in a late Rosh Hashanah dinner just as the sun began to dip. With a deep breath and one smooth motion, I had driven to school pick-up for Alexander, negotiated a menu with him (the dinner was his idea), made efficient stops at the Korean vegetable stand, the meat counter, and the flower stall (for three stalks my height of Biblical bull rushes) at Eastern Market, and assembled lamb chops, roasted new potatoes, buttered carrots and beans, and, because none of that required much more than good oil and a few herbs, amped up the celebration with home made apple fritters.

A short prayer, servings passed around twice, and everybody scattered to their respective electronic devices. No synagogue service, no shofar, no long parking lot lines or Sunday outfits. My new year’s was an afterthought between conference calls for work and planning weekend commutes for children to guitar lessons and soccer games.

So I will take liberty with the start of High Holy Days to make a new year’s resolution — to renew this blog and my commitment to publishing this memoir. I stopped posting this time last year when I worried that too much material for the book had gone out into the ether, and that could make it harder to interest a publisher. But a friend convinced me this summer that I should self-publish, which removes a huge source of anxiety (I am a terrible self-promoter and know nothing about the publishing industry), though if some corporate entity emerges to support the birth of this book, I wouldn’t necessarily say no.

There’s time to learn about all the self-publishing options. If you have experience with that and tips to share, please do comment. The sense of control that possibility gives me has rejuvenated me. Here goes the push to finish the writing…….l’shanah tovah.

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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolution

  1. A sweet new year, because you are writing for us again!

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