A serial blog is an unnatural experience. You read a post and then have to wait days or weeks to receive the next related morsel and try to connect them all together. It’s an insane amount of patience and concentration to ask of someone trying to follow a narrative. So let me offer this marker of where we just landed in the story…..

In “Michael,” I just shared what was the single, most precious element in the galaxy of my psyche, in all of my growing up, in the armor I wore to navigate the external world until very, very recently. To fully understand Michael would be to solve the central equation that defines my heroine.

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3 Responses to Precious

  1. Jardena says:

    A serial blog is like a TV serie… one looks forward to the next episode, tention, a possibility to live in parallel worlds…. You should put it up on fixed days, would give us a structure in life, and a certain sense to strive for!!

  2. Mai Pham says:

    Sigh. I know, I should be more disciplined about the scheduling of posts. I admit it has just been too tempting sometimes, knowing what is just around the corner, to not jump the gun. Also, I will be away and without Internet access for a couple of weeks in August, so am front-loading the summer “episodes” a bit. btw, it is just lovely to be typing with you in real time. Miss you.

  3. Linda Davis says:

    I love everything you write; I don’t care WHEN it comes! 🙂

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