I have always been leery of social media and overwhelmed by its demands. The only posts on my Facebook page were put there by my husband. My actual friends have abandoned any hope of updates or responses from me. I experience Twitter as a barrage of pin pricks.

But this blog has brought truly lovely connections and reconnections.

Getting ahead a bit in the story but…..In 1998, David and I began a year working in Vietnam. As part of our preparations, we dove into a range of books on the war and the country since. The one volume that stopped me in my tracks was Neil Jamieson’s Understanding Vietnam, written not by a historian but an anthropologist, and not in hindsight, but based on research he had begun long before the war had. When anyone asks us what one book they should read to understand Vietnam, it is an easy call. The book so moved me that I wrote a letter to tell him so. His wife, Ginnie, responded for Neil because he was abroad at the time, and thus began a very precious friendship. We haven’t talked in several years as work, kids, and life intervened, but when Ginnie read Day, Night, Week, Month, she realized that Neil and I must have been there together on the Saigon tarmac in 1975; he had helped prepare the last few flights out of the country.

And back in the present….Charles’ lovely offering of the Miles Davis recording in response to reading Calamity was as effective as any therapy…..

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