Break Point

First of all — Happy Canada Day! Apparently July 1 is as important north of the border as July 4 is here.

I have reached another inflection point in the story. After “Hear, Say” and “Library,” our heroine enters a new phase. Reality begins to feel slippier.

What was important to accomplish, in the first section of the book, was to describe her transition from a life where she could access village wherever she turned and felt competent and safe no matter how far her little legs took her away from house and family, to a life of strangeness stretching to infinity and where competence was a double edged sword.

Did that come through?

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2 Responses to Break Point

  1. bmorrison9 says:

    Certainly the transition to strangeness came through in spades. I’m not so sure about competence being a double-edged sword–maybe I missed something? Do you mean because mastering the language without help from the school kept them from understanding that you needed other kinds of help adjusting?

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