The photographs in the new banner above were curated and pieced by my graphics-designer-extraordinaire friend, Phoebe Smith (Hunt Smith Design), a character you will meet in future chapterlets. From left to right across the montage, my heroine is Eight, Sixteen, Ten with my mother at Niagara Falls, Twenty-Three in Belgium, Eight, Nine in a school photo after a bicycle accident, Five with my brothers Chuong and Tuan in the resort town of Dalat, Vietnam, and Eight again at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia. The Little Girls barely knew each other…..

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3 Responses to Montage

  1. droodman says:

    My favorite is Nine with the glasses and the missing tooth.

  2. Janet Gilmore says:

    The second one is so Alexander.

  3. Michelle says:

    My favorite is eight. It’s as if something amazing just happened. I want to know what she is so happy about.

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