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It seems to me that babies face steep odds in crafting memories. They have only crude tools to chisel with, their neural substrate is limited, and they spend most of their lives sleeping, shut off from external stimuli. But developmental … Continue reading

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The photographs in the new banner above were curated and pieced by my graphics-designer-extraordinaire friend, Phoebe Smith (Hunt Smith Design), a character you will meet in future chapterlets. From left to right across the montage, my heroine is Eight, Sixteen, … Continue reading

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I was the first Asian child to ever enroll at Henry H. Houston Elementary. Over the next two decades, Cambodians and Laotians and Vietnamese would fill in the crevices of Chinatown and South Philly, then trade up to formstone row … Continue reading

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Thanks to everyone who has written with compliments or sharp-eyed line edits thus far. I’m fortunate to have a mother-in-law who is an experienced editor of several volumes of women’s writing, and friends who are accomplished authors or writing instructors … Continue reading

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My parents found jobs almost immediately and were relieved. My father entered the Philadelphia School District where he would stay until retirement some thirty years later. My mother got a secretarial position at an insurance company. They both had to … Continue reading

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Day, Night, Week, Month

Blue told me that most people experience a singular life stream, a narrative that may skid forwards and backwards, but generally hews to one line with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The sections are connected and even if … Continue reading

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Running Saigon

In Vietnam I was too busy to care what I wore. In one photograph on the banks of a waterway, I am three and sit with my brother Chuong on a bench, my feet in the air. I am nearly … Continue reading

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